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Pretty pictures or help Debbi pick which photographer to do a report on...

Sep. 16th, 2004 | 10:32 pm
mood: goodgood
music: Mae - Soundtrack for our Movie

Just tell me which photograph you like best.

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Happy National Lila Day!

Sep. 2nd, 2004 | 09:59 am

Wow that became much smaller then I thought it would. Oh well. Must go make more presents.

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I rule the school!

Aug. 31st, 2004 | 01:56 pm
mood: giddygiddy
music: Giving it Away - Mae

I have a job! That is all.

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Lila Day Banner

Aug. 26th, 2004 | 10:19 pm

I've made a banner for Lila Day. I know it sucks but deal with it.

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Lila Day

Aug. 13th, 2004 | 12:19 am
mood: eh
music: Maaya Sakamoto - Vector

Ok as some of you might already know/remember, September 2 is National Lila Day. I am creating this LJ post (which she can't see)so we can all brainstorm on what we should do on this day. Come on guys I need ideas. Last year I had Himmy, Dusty and I write out the top ten things we like about her. I thought it nice to extend the celebrations to Don and Grace as well for this year, I'd extend it to BenBen as well but he never uses his LJ so it'd be useless. Anyway we need something good this year too. So get thinking...please :). I loves ya all.

P.S. Everyone should join http://www.go-gaia.com cause I said so and I want people to talk to on there. Oh and its a anime site not a pagan site FYI. :).

*Edit - Now she can see it

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Katies gone!

Jul. 28th, 2004 | 02:45 pm
mood: happyhappy

Ding Dong! The Witch is dead! Which old Witch?
The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead.
She's gone where the goblins go,
Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead!

Ok so Katie's not dead but she's still gone. This calls for a celebration, yay for booze!

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To Whom it May Consern

Jul. 17th, 2004 | 11:06 am

First off you -are- irresponsible, you have always put yourself first so now should not be any different. However no one was asking you to do anything to jeopardize -your- sanity, not everything in life is about you. You were asked to help someone, that is all. Not to do something you were incapable of doing, but it seems that anytime you are asked to help someone other then yourself you have to be a drama queen or yeast infection. Well, if thats the way you choose to be then so be it but don't expect the people who needed your help to be there when you need them.

Secondly, not everything in life is about you. Just because I tell you something doesn't mean you have to top it with your shit. You don't have any -real- problems, deal with your life already and stop complaining cause you have to be an adult now.

If you really want to know why people don't like you much listen to yourself sometime its pretty obvious. And if this makes me a "bad" family member then so be it but you need to get over yourself and learn that you are not the only person in the world. The End. your a douche and I don't like you.

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Friends Only

Feb. 1st, 2004 | 04:40 am

Friends only

Bright as ever flows the sea,
Bright as ever shines the sun,
But alas! they seem to me
Not the sun that used to be,
Not the tides that used to run.

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A Gift to you My Friend....Lila pees in the pool

Sep. 1st, 2003 | 09:57 pm

Ok,(Welcome Ms. Ridehard), I've been trying to do this for a week now and finally have everything I need to do it so here goes (Dr. Pussentail will be with you shortly), from now on September 2 will National Lila Day, I don't care if the rest of the world celebrates, I will and I know two others who will as well (Somethin's spooken the horses!) . And to show you just how much you mean to us (Bebbi swallows), Dusty, Himmy and I (Debbi vs. any sort of liquid in a glass.)have composed lists of the 10 things of we like the most about you. Here goes, BTW all the commentary is by Himmy execpt for the commentary on my list.(Gemini socks)

Dusty's List:
1.She is always able to cheer me up even when she doesn't know I need it.
2.She is one of the only people who will willingly psychicly make out with me.
3.Continually reminds me to go to ritual.
4.Is a sister to me.
5.Through and through does what her heart tells her to do.
6.Reminds me to listen to my own heart.
7.She wishes she could get with me.
8.Is the best woman I know who smells like cheap perfume and
9.Manages to always be able to sign on when you need to talk to
someone and lend a loving ear.
10. Is absolutely bootylicious and loves to flaunt it

Himmy's List:
1) a great sense of humor
2) loving
3) thinks it's fun to trade insults
4) Twisted and dirty....in a good way
5) Stubborn
6) Witty
7) Caring
8) Vulgar
9) Speaks her mind
10) Ticklish

My List:
10) Interesting- So tell me about the BO sword again
9) Playful- *glomps*
8) Conviction- Don't ever tell her her belefs aren't valid
7) Gorgeous Eyes- Dispite what she may think
6) Clever- Ben Chronicles 3 anyone?
5) Eccentric- hehehe I was raised by a cup of coffie....
4) Caring- Who was the first one there after my father passed on?Thats right Lila. *Note: Pieces of Shit don't count... aka Danny*
3) Honest- Does this make my butt look big?
2) Sarcasta-Bitch- I WIN!!!!
And the number one thing I like about lila....drum roll please....Shes
1) Deep- She has one of the most beauiful souls I've ever encountered...

I just want you to feel special and to know that we care and love you very much. Oh, if your wondering how this came into my mind, remember the Debbi Rules List? Thank you very much for it, its helped me out far more then you know...
I loves ya, thank you for being you... Fluffy Puff Marshmellow

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